The Madison Lamp Review + giveaway link

This is one part of my creative space. It's newest addition is my new lamp.
I was sooo excited when Buyster Lighting sent it to me because I find it quite hard to sew with the eco globe in the ceiling. As I try to do some sewing in the evenings I really needed good lighting.

The Madison lamp is a one light desk lamp in a black finish.
It uses a standard (not bayonet) bulb up to 60W.

The best feature for me is it's spring-reinforced adjustable arm.
I can bend the head and the arm so it shines directly at my needle so I can see where I am sewing. This is particularly great when I am doing appliqueing.

It has a heavy desk mount is not too heavy and not too light :: so it stays in place where I need it.
The only thing that it needs is an extra tightening screw for the head so it stays firmly in place when you twist it to shine where you want. I found that it would not stay where I wanted it to and adjusted the arm to accommodate.

It would be even better if it came in other colours, as black is the only option.
Other than that it's terrific, affordable and compact.

Now back to daydreaming about my hand-made Xmas list... speaking of which I will be giving away some of the fabric below.

One lucky reader will recieve half a metre of each of these fabrics (not the skirt) and little goodies. Just leave a comment and I will draw one winner out on the evening of Sunday, 22nd Nov EST. Everyone welcome to comment.

There's also a Mega Giveaway over at *Make it Perfect*.
You better get in because you'll serious regret the chance to win fabo prizes!

Better go, screaming baby in the background. You know how it is...


  1. I have a similar lamp and it also has a floppy head - mine is a case of a child being a bit too gung-ho with it though!

    Please count me in for your giveaway - those fabrics are gorgeous!

    (BTW - I assume you mean 22nd Nov, not Oct. Blame the baby-brain!)

  2. Wow Kim - I would love to enter your giveaway!

    I am having difficulty finding the right lamp for me - I basically have little bench space for it's base and have nothing above for one to clip to!! Not too many options left mees thinks.


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