Soul food

Hello people. I'm still here. Still sane. Not much to show though I did try to make a camera cover and failed miserably. If you know of a good tute let me know.
Hubby bought me a new toy. It was on special so he decided I should have it.
When I saw how shiny and black it was I was in love. Now I can blog in bliss.
On the kiddies front I am doing well. We've reached the magical 6weeks and settling much better. Bub was colicky but is doing better since I've been watching what I've been eating. No acidic foods, less caffeine and stuff that gives you wind.

I took them all out yesterday to a community expo and it was heaps fun. It was easier than I thought. Craft tables do keep them busy. We had the good 'ol sausage and bread and I caught up with other mums who freak out when they meet all my kids. So nice to connect with others you know. Good for the soul.
The boy had fun running away from me in the school play field. Luckily I had Little Miss go fetch him which she delightfully did and called out "I got him" when she grabbed his hand. She'a gem for sure. I won a lucky door prize too which makes me feel special.

Oh, I may have hidden my giveaway in my last post. But you had to be a good reader to see my paragraph about it. I'll have none of that skimming blogs thankyou! Hee hee.
That being said.. thankyou to my TWO commenters: Melinda and Cherri! It's too sad to just pick one so you BOTH win. I'll see what I have in my stash for Cherri so please send me your addy's so I can post out goodies for you!

Life is soo busy but really good. Retail therapy helps! Hope you're ticking things off your Christmas list.


  1. Thank you so much KIM! You are very generous...I have emailed you my address. Have a beautiful day, you have made mine!


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