Seeing the Light

Meet Madison.
She's coming my way to show me the light at the end of my blurry tunnel.
I'll be reviewing this lamp very soon thanks to
Buyster Lighting.
They have a huge range of lighting ranging from various lamps, ceiling fans, downlights, and wall lights. It would be a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend.

It is very important for sewers and crafters to have the right
Especially when I (use to) have time in the evening to sew. I can't tell you how much I need this lamp. Those free bulbs we have just aren't bright enough and I have to squint to see the needle.

Speaking of lights at the end of tunnels I have decided that instead of pencil cases, I would make Nintendo DS cases for my nieces and nephews. These game devices seem to be the third arm they are always carrying around and they are always being misplaced.

Must go browse for fabric, methinks there'll be some extra for a giveaway next post.


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