A short birth story

A short version of my labour day :
As this was my 3rd baby I was quite curious as to how it was going to happen. I've heard both the horror and the good stories. My last one was very fast and drug free so I was hoping for the same.

My 39th week rolled around and I was getting a few pains and Braxton Hicks during the day. I didn't think anything would be happening until 4pm. The pains were getting strong and I had to stop for them. After 45mins of this I call the labour suite (sounds glamorous, doesn't it?)
The midwife said I could come in so I kick hubby into gear, who took his time getting ready.
It only took us 15mins to get there and didn't have one contraction the whole way. Once I got out of the car though I had to breathe and swing through one leaning on the back of the car.

We got up to the reception and after sorting out our files our midwife Stephanie takes us to the labour room. Our hospital (Westmead) is state of the art, has a brand spanking new labour ward and maternity ward. However, I just wanted to jump into the shower. I was surprised to hear that I was already 9cms dilated. I wanted to have a hot shower but there were other plans in store for me.

I stood in the shower waiting for the hot water but all I could feel was cold water. It was doing nothing for my pain relief. Steph had warned me that it would take it's time. She had left the room for a minute when I had a contraction and felt this pressure down there. I immediately hit the CALL button and a student midwife came in asking what's up. Hubby was standing there watching me, not believing what was happening.

"The baby's head is coming" I almost shouted. Steph came in and asked the same. The student midwife gave her the news and Steph confirmed it. "Turn off the taps" she said.
"Do I have to?" I thought in my mind. I really wanted the warmth of the water to alleviate the pain. Reluctantly, I turned it off and began to groan with each contraction, clutching onto the hand rail. I felt every sensation of my baby making her way down. To be honest it's like giving birth to a watermelon.

"one more push for the nose" Steph said. I complied and waited for the next contraction. Then out came her head. Steph has pushed my leg to the side. I gathered myself up and tried to breath deeply and slowly knowing that the next part would also be intense. This will end soon, I told myself. Be brave. The shoulders started to come out and I was asked to breath through them. The stretching was intense but I just let my body do what it needed to do.

"You're doing great Kim" Steph said. Words of encouragement that was definately needed and appreciated at this time. I felt my body push her out and finally my little baby girl came out screaming to the high heavens. I looked down to see a tiny little arm. How beautiful and gorgeous. I reached down to hold her. I was happy to announce that it was indeed a girl. Hubby got to cut the cord after I stepped forward onto a clean towel.

Speaking of her.. she's calling out to me so I must be going.

Thanks for your kind words and congrats. I've read them and been so happy to know I could share this with each of you. Children teach us a lot about ourselves. Our limits, our pleasures in life, how to cope with ups and downs and what happens when we don't cope.

Take deep breath. This too.. shall pass. I will get more sleep, eventually. I will take time out for myself without guilt. I will make time to connect with each member of my family. She'll go to school soon. He'll go to school soon. He'll be out of nappies soon. She'll grow out of her reflux. Do I have a grey hair yet? Haa haa. LAUGH. Because if you don't. You'll certainly cry.


  1. That;s beautiful Kim - sounds like she couldn't wait to meet you!

  2. wow wow wow! what a unbalivable birth story! YOU ARE SOOO BRAVE!!!
    that is realy unbalivable for me cues i never mannege to deal with pain like you described it! every thing sounds amazing!!
    congrats for everything!

  3. awww look at that face sooooo cute!

    Loved your birth story takes me back to my last birth it was so fast and perfect awww im tearing up!

  4. aww..beautiful birth story. She is lovely. Congrats to you and your family

  5. What a beautiful birth story - sounds like you have it down to a fine art and I'm so impressed with the no pain relief thing.

    She is absolutely beautiful and I bet you can't wait to spoil her at Christmas time.

  6. beautifu story!!! thanks for coming to my blog and entering the giveaway. good luck and thanks for becoming a follower


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