Plans for Xmas

Gratuitous baby photo.
I noticed little curly eyelashes this week.
Are you all busy preparing for Christmas yet?
I know that if I don't start now I will be doing late night shopping and last minute things.
So far my head is just a jumbled list of "little projects that could"
This year I have decided to make pencil cases for the young kids. Last year it was pencil colour rolls. I might even get around to making some coin purses and Amy Butler bags. It means I should gather up supplies and scrummy fabric.
Little Miss decided she wanted a little red riding hood so that's added to the list.
Litte Boy has no idea about Christmas yet but we'll get around to something for him.

The little koala is just loving being snuggled in this easy to make sling.
All you really need are medium or large size sling rings and about 2metres of fabric.
Sew up one end into the pair of rings and voila, the most comfy sling for bub and mum.
Stay tuned. A little birdie told me there's a giveaway coming up!
So what are your crafty plans for Xmas???


  1. awww isnt she just precious!

    love the ring sling :)

    Ive got a truck load of christmas dresses to make for Iris and family/friends lil girls!

  2. I have lots of plans to make Xmas pressies but I doubt I'll get around to making them all.

    I love the sling - it looks so comfy for both you and Jacqueline, who seems to be getting even cuter!

  3. ohh so cute! I found those one shoulder slings hurt! I loved the hug-a-bub. Fortunately the next bub will be a winter snuggly bubba. Looking great kim


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