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I love these coasters I made. Very quick and easy.
They are made using charm squares from the Odyssea by Momo for Moda fabrics.

I think I could have made a dozen if time permitted. I am saving some of the prints to make matching placemats. There's a tutorial coming up on Pink Penguinon the 27th that I am just
itching to try. You know Ayumi's stuff rocks.

At this moment my three kids are on the rug watching t.v while there's lots of rain happening outside. It's a bit chilly and all I can think about are cardigans, knitting and maybe some sewing of jackets; oh and shopping lists...

I'm going to leave you with a link to this re-fashioned t-shirt to shrug tutorial I found this morning. It looks super cool. I am thinking I need to re-fashion an old cardi to match our season.

Good day.

Stardust Baby Shoes

Aren't these the cutest little baby shoes? I made them They are from the popular Stardust Cloth Shoe pattern.
I made them in a few hours in the afternoon while hubby was minding the little one. I only used one layer of that super cool Vilene S320 on the sole, heel and top. I didn't get time to embellish the top as we were going to my mums for dinner. The pink polkadot is quilting cotton from Spotlight and I used a beige wool flannel for the lining and soles.
They fit her 7mth old feet perfectly; no growing room however :( Be sure to make a pair if you have a cute little bub to make them for.
Ít's so easy and the pattern is very good.

She is often found snuggling into me and falling asleep in the sling. It's very comfortable and although she is getting heavier it's so lovely to feel her close to me. I'm sure she feels the same. They do grow up so quick so I am cherishing every little moment I can. Hope you are all well. I'm battling a bit of a sore throat and aching …

For now

Here's a not so great pic of Little Man wearing his toddler backpack. As you can see it's pretty roomy. Enough to lug a spare set of clothes and a lunchbox. The added 1 inch to make it taller turned out to be a good decision.
It may look a little bulky from this side but really it's not. It's very lightweight and I kinda wished that I used two layers of interfacing on the front and back panels as well. It will stand on it's own and it looks too cute hanging from a chair or shelf.

Happy Belated Mother's Day everyone. My sister got me these beauties. Every time I walk past the smell of the lilies devour me. I pause... sniff.. smile and think happy thoughts.

The kids have new beds so they have me bed hopping at night. Sometimes it's my girl and sometimes the boy. Other times it's the baby. All this night waking is frazzling me out a little but I keep going. Sometimes all it takes is a little patience, a little cuddle and a bit of play-time to make a world of differen…

Fini: Toddler Backpack

{TRUMPETS!} Hurrah, the boy's Toddler Backpack is completed. It's just in time for daycare tomorrow. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to actually have another finished product.

Back View I wanted to keep the back simple so I used the middle of the fabric.
Side View I used the part of the train station that was chopped off from the front panel. I love the little stripes going down the bottom.

Other Side View The train with some cute trees and lamp post.

I was getting a bit worried after pinning it altogether because it was rather thick at the seams. I was wondering how on earth I could fit it under the foot and sew it without too many mistakes.
It all turned out and I only had to un-pick and re-sew some piping in a few places where I had either not sewn in enough or too much (at the corner). I figured the best way was to go all the way to the curve and if it was too bulky I could stop and then re-insert the bag at a better angle which worked out better than trying for one long sea…

Part Two: Straps, Quilting and Piping.

The toddler backpack is coming along really nicely.
I am just loving the piping detail and by adding an extra layer of interfacing to the zipper and side panels it's going to be quite sturdy.

My only disappointment is how big the zipper panels were which meant you had to trim off about 1.5cms on either side to match the side panels. This is included in the instructions later on but I thought it should have been sized better in the templates. I would say to match the width of the side panels when cutting the zipper panels. I lost some pretty designs on the zipper pieces but it still turned out well.

Also, the straps ended up being too wide to fit through the 25mm strap adjusters so I decided to add an extra piece of nylon which is then sewed into the straps instead. This worked out quite nicely.
Here is some more piping added to the back panel. I wish I had a smaller zipper foot as the side of it kept pushing my piping out which made sewing it in place harder. I had to keep angling th…