For now

Here's a not so great pic of Little Man wearing his toddler backpack.
As you can see it's pretty roomy. Enough to lug a spare set of clothes and a lunchbox.
The added 1 inch to make it taller turned out to be a good decision.

It may look a little bulky from this side but really it's not.
It's very lightweight and I kinda wished that I used two layers of interfacing on the front and back panels as well. It will stand on it's own and it looks too cute hanging from a chair or shelf.

Happy Belated Mother's Day everyone.
My sister got me these beauties. Every time I walk past the smell of the lilies devour me.
I pause... sniff.. smile and think happy thoughts.

The kids have new beds so they have me bed hopping at night.
Sometimes it's my girl and sometimes the boy. Other times it's the baby.
All this night waking is frazzling me out a little but I keep going.
Sometimes all it takes is a little patience, a little cuddle and a bit of play-time to make a world of difference.
My next project might be a little blouse for Little Miss since the weather is much colder these evenings. Can you believe we are already starting flu season?
It's time to rug up and maybe even start a knitting project that I've been procrastinating about.
I would love to go to any of these classes but it's too pricey right now.
I'll just have to depend on my trusty piece of technology: the internet.
Ciao for now.


  1. It looks so much bigger than I thought - very nic e- he seems to love it!

    P.S.) Tiger lillies are my favourite!

  2. I want! I want!
    the backpack is way too cute for its own good, make sure you label it well or it might go walk about hahaaha the other kids are gonna have back pack envy! ha!

  3. The backpack looks brilliant and so professional! he must be thrilled with it and so proud that his mama made it.


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