Fini: Toddler Backpack

{TRUMPETS!} Hurrah, the boy's Toddler Backpack is completed. It's just in time for daycare tomorrow. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to actually have another finished product.

Back View
I wanted to keep the back simple so I used the middle of the fabric.

Side View
I used the part of the train station that was chopped off from the front panel.
I love the little stripes going down the bottom.

Other Side View
The train with some cute trees and lamp post.

I was getting a bit worried after pinning it altogether because it was rather thick at the seams. I was wondering how on earth I could fit it under the foot and sew it without too many mistakes.

It all turned out and I only had to un-pick and re-sew some piping in a few places where I had either not sewn in enough or too much (at the corner). I figured the best way was to go all the way to the curve and if it was too bulky I could stop and then re-insert the bag at a better angle which worked out better than trying for one long seam. I would say that if you didn't want to worry about this you could baste by hand the middle loop panel to the panel that you were working on and then sew it properly. I hope that makes sense.

In any case the only adjustment I actually made to the pattern was to make this taller by about 3cms (seam allowance included) and it was the perfect size for my 2.4yr old.

I used linen in a biscuit colour (from Kelani) for the piping, straps and quilted bottom.

I used a double layer of S320 Vilene on the zipper and side panels which maybe was not necessary. One layer of it would have been enough with the wadding and front fabric.

Tomorrow I shall take a picture of him sporting his new bag.

If you do ever want to make a toddler bag I recommend the Made by Rae Toddler Backpack pattern.

It's so easy to sew up and makes a cute little bag.


  1. It's gorgeous and I'm sure will be admired by many toddlers at preschool. You've picked the perfect fabric for it :)

  2. The bag looks really great! Good work. You've made it look so easy, i might have to whip one up for my little boy. Though, sewing isn't my strong suit!
    Give yourself a pat on the back!!

    I love the fabric I love the piping its too cute!
    well done xx

  4. Wow Kim - that is really well made - you have done a fantastic job. Congratulations on getting it done so quickly!

  5. Great job Kim. Love the fabric! Been procrastinating on making one for my son. Yours inspired me to get starting

  6. Great job Kim! big pat on the shoulder!

  7. Where did you find this fabric? I'm looking for some cute boy fabric with trains, and I love this!

  8. Thanks for all the comments. I sourced the fabric from Kelani Fabric Obsession which is on-line: Elissa ha a fantastic selection of cute Japanese prints as well as modern prints too.


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