Stardust Baby Shoes

Aren't these the cutest little baby shoes? I made them
They are from the popular Stardust Cloth Shoe pattern.

I made them in a few hours in the afternoon while hubby was minding the little one.
I only used one layer of that super cool Vilene S320 on the sole, heel and top.
I didn't get time to embellish the top as we were going to my mums for dinner.
The pink polkadot is quilting cotton from Spotlight and I used a beige wool flannel for the lining and soles.
They fit her 7mth old feet perfectly; no growing room however :(
Be sure to make a pair if you have a cute little bub to make them for.
Ít's so easy and the pattern is very good.

She is often found snuggling into me and falling asleep in the sling.
It's very comfortable and although she is getting heavier it's so lovely to feel her close to me.
I'm sure she feels the same. They do grow up so quick so I am cherishing every little moment I can.
Hope you are all well. I'm battling a bit of a sore throat and aching body bits right now.
I don't like the cold and flu season that comes with the onset of Winter down here.
Anyhoo, onwards and upwards (?) with life.


  1. They're super sweet. Re-used denim makes a great sole for these little shoes.

    Hope the sore throat and aches and pains go soon. I'm utterly knackered after a sleepless teething pains night and am finding that watching Terms of Endearment and trawling the blogosphere is quietly blissful.

  2. Wow - 7 months! That's gone fast :) The shoes are so sweet - is there anything cuter than pink with white polka dots? I think not.

  3. Gorgeous Kim! and your DD is beautiful!


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