Part Two: Straps, Quilting and Piping.

The toddler backpack is coming along really nicely.
I am just loving the piping detail and by adding an extra layer of interfacing to the zipper and side panels it's going to be quite sturdy.

My only disappointment is how big the zipper panels were which meant you had to trim off about 1.5cms on either side to match the side panels. This is included in the instructions later on but I thought it should have been sized better in the templates. I would say to match the width of the side panels when cutting the zipper panels. I lost some pretty designs on the zipper pieces but it still turned out well.

Also, the straps ended up being too wide to fit through the 25mm strap adjusters so I decided to add an extra piece of nylon which is then sewed into the straps instead. This worked out quite nicely.

Here is some more piping added to the back panel. I wish I had a smaller zipper foot as the side of it kept pushing my piping out which made sewing it in place harder. I had to keep angling the bag to stop this from happening.

I quilted the bottom piece as well and added a thin layer of interfacing to stabilise it.
I also decided to line the front and back panels with an extra layer of calico. Gees, I hope it's not going to be too thick in the end.
Now all I need to do is attach the sides to the base and then sew it to the back panel.
Then add the front panel and we're done!
So maybe one more (baby) sleep to go!


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