Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back in the Game

One of my favourite go to blogs is Cakies by Ruby Ellen Bratcher.
She inspired me with her homeschooling, talent and living life through the lesson of the Lord.
Amen to that. She also has 4 beautiful children and a doting husband.
She made me want to buy those Saltwater shoes her girls wear so much that I scoured the net and ordered some from Ten Tall Trees. However, our dollar was going down by that time so I lost a few bucks in the deal. Good news for you though that our dollar is above parity right now so you can grab yourself a great pair of shoes!!!

Fast forward two weeks (ish) later and they arrived! I got the girls to try them on and they are actually the perfect size. I was going to buy their size 6 and 10 respectively but decided to go a size up (thinking they're larger in size). My girls wear those UK sizes so I bought the 7 and 11.

White (leather) Saltwater Sweet Hearts.

Pink Fuchsia (leather) Saltwaters

Spot the baby.

My new appliance taking up even more room on my kitchen bench.
I've been wanting one for a while so when I saw the box at Aldi with a discounted sticker on it I told hubby I had to have it. He said ok. The guy  scanned it and it scanned at the wrong price so I told him it was meant to be $39.99 and he changed it. Phew. I made pizza dough with it this morning.  I learned to be careful once the dough climbed up the dough hook cos it took me some time to fish it out of the hook inserts.

My happy little bunch. Things are on the up and up around here.
I've joined a basketball team on Sunday arvo's and hubster looks after the young to while I am pounding the court with my lead legs. First game back I thought I was going to fall over but since then I am now keeping up a bit more. I average two points per game which is great in my books. And then the other day while shooting a few hoops at mums I noticed something. WTH? I am a left-handed shooter! When did that happen? No wonder hardly any shots were going in. Up and up I tell you!

Posts that make me emotional today:
  • Chris losing her baby girl. I've been a long time fan of her blog and to read this breaks my heart.
  • The blog community is amazing. Read about the healing quilt. It makes me want to make my posts more meaningful, inspiring, ... healing.
Well, we've had lots of funny weather this month. Yesterday we had a heat wave and last night I had the fans on. Then it rained. It rained all on my washing. Oh well. Serves me right for being  lazy busy.

Lord give me strength.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hair Square Hair Accessories

As a mother of young girls I am always in need of hair accessories.My 5yr old has long hair and my 2yr old has curly hair that requires taming. Lots of taming.
Otherwise there will be clunks of food dried up in their tresses if I fail to tie their hair back.
So last week I went to K-mart and went to buy a few clips for them.
She instantly picked out the Hair Square flower clips.


However, when I opened them at home, to my dismay, there was one missing blue flower clip.
I was very much disappointed as I like to get what I pay for and I count all my pennies.
So, what's a girl to but write a letter. I actually wrote a quick e-mail and presto, they responded pretty quickly. Of course they apologised and would replace the packet.

In the mail the next day I recieved my replacement box along with some other goodies to try.
How awesome is that?!! ! I was so happy. Now that's fantastic customer service.


Here is my 5yr old wearing the Hair Square Flower Clips and little bands.
The only annoying thing about the clips is that they tend to trap strands of her hair in the gap between the glue and flower piece. So I have to either carefully release it or pull out the clip with a few strands attached. I might have to hot glue the gaps for future use. I like the little tubes they come in. There are cute little fairies on the front which all little girls love.


I'll be trying the metal free hair bands soon and will report on those too.
If you have any good hair ties you can recommend please share them here.

Stay tuned for some more product reviews.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Decorating... it's just not my thing

In my mind I had grand plans for decorating his Christening.
However, let's just say not even a fraction came to fruition as I left things majorly last minute.
At least the pom poms came together the night before. I also made a 3m bunting but should have made heaps more for our shelter.

 One of them now hangs in the kids room along with the light lanterns.
I wasn't able to decorate the night before because hubby wanted to wash down
the walls the morning of the party. THE MORNING for goodness sake.
And where was I come morning, well prepping my pretty self of course.
Along with curling the 5yr olds hair (which I've never done before).

I am glad to say that the Christening went well and the party was nice.
I was run of my feet though and it was not as organised as I'd liked it to be.
Still there is a lot to say of extremely helpful family members and those who are not so much.
You know the kind. You have them your ranks too, yes?

Here's my happy bunch clean at church and then totally dirty by lunch, lol.
A few pointers I'd like to add about party planning.

* Actually have a plan. Write it down. Write shopping lists and actually buy things in advance. The dollar stores are magical places.

* On the day have your make-up, hair and stuff done locally. You don't want to spend you precious minutes driving from suburb to suburb.

* Try, try, try prep things the night before! Decorate and have tables and chairs out that evening for the next day!!!!

* Have someone with photography skills take the photo's. A budding 12yr old nephew does not suffice. You will regret it later, I promise you.

* Most of all. Have fun!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Planning and Milestones

This little cherub turned 4 months young today. He's a fussy little thing but I love kissing him to bits.
Life has been really hectic since his arrival. There are days when I truly feel I cannot do a single thing and other days when a bit is done and the world is alright.

This 5 year old requested earrings so I obliged. I was more nervous than she was.
I forked out the cash to have them both done at the same time. One skinny guy and one medium sized guy were at both sides of her. Both looked a bit scary as they had tattoo's down their arms and a collection of piercings in their ears. I suppose it is the sign of a true professional in his field, yes? I always tell myself not to
judge others. I could have done them at the GP which would bring the cost down by half but I wanted it both ears done together as I was scared she'd freak out.

Just as they were getting ready she looked a bit worried and told me she didn't want them anymore. Too late for that. I told her it would be quick and she'd be ok so SNAP! Both ears were done and she didn't even flinch. She didn't cry and I was so very proud of her. When we got home I was a little saddened to announce that my little girl now has earrings. A sign of her growing up, well to me anyway.


Hey, I made bread last week! A friend came over for home-made pizza so I prepared two batches of dough. We only used one batch for the kids so I decided to let this one rise a second time and glazed it with milk and egg. Into the oven and 45mins later we had bread. It was a bit chewy but lovely. I have bought a pizza stone to try some more bread things from the 5mins a Day Artisan Bread book.

Thankyou for your advice and suggestions re party planning. We still have Elijah's Christening next Saturday. I've been scouring the internets for ideas and trying to keep the costs low. How great is this site? I decided to go with Martha Stewart Pom Poms and a bunting. I wanted lanterns but they can get a bit expensive.
I did find this cute lantern light decoration from Typo. It comes with fairy lights but I haven't decided where to hang it yet. I have selected a bunch of fabrics for a bunting and will have to get around to that this week.
My local two dollar asian store is awesome! I found his bombonieres there and will go back for this gorgeous flower cake stand.

This is a bargain dress I picked up from Millers (not just for older ladies).
They are having a 50% off sale right now so the mid length dress was only $20.
Sorry for the bad photo. I'll take another one of me wearing it one day.

For now we have a party to get ready for.
Stay tuned.