Decorating... it's just not my thing

In my mind I had grand plans for decorating his Christening.
However, let's just say not even a fraction came to fruition as I left things majorly last minute.
At least the pom poms came together the night before. I also made a 3m bunting but should have made heaps more for our shelter.

 One of them now hangs in the kids room along with the light lanterns.
I wasn't able to decorate the night before because hubby wanted to wash down
the walls the morning of the party. THE MORNING for goodness sake.
And where was I come morning, well prepping my pretty self of course.
Along with curling the 5yr olds hair (which I've never done before).

I am glad to say that the Christening went well and the party was nice.
I was run of my feet though and it was not as organised as I'd liked it to be.
Still there is a lot to say of extremely helpful family members and those who are not so much.
You know the kind. You have them your ranks too, yes?

Here's my happy bunch clean at church and then totally dirty by lunch, lol.
A few pointers I'd like to add about party planning.

* Actually have a plan. Write it down. Write shopping lists and actually buy things in advance. The dollar stores are magical places.

* On the day have your make-up, hair and stuff done locally. You don't want to spend you precious minutes driving from suburb to suburb.

* Try, try, try prep things the night before! Decorate and have tables and chairs out that evening for the next day!!!!

* Have someone with photography skills take the photo's. A budding 12yr old nephew does not suffice. You will regret it later, I promise you.

* Most of all. Have fun!!!!!!!!



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