Back in the Game

One of my favourite go to blogs is Cakies by Ruby Ellen Bratcher.
She inspired me with her homeschooling, talent and living life through the lesson of the Lord.
Amen to that. She also has 4 beautiful children and a doting husband.
She made me want to buy those Saltwater shoes her girls wear so much that I scoured the net and ordered some from Ten Tall Trees. However, our dollar was going down by that time so I lost a few bucks in the deal. Good news for you though that our dollar is above parity right now so you can grab yourself a great pair of shoes!!!

Fast forward two weeks (ish) later and they arrived! I got the girls to try them on and they are actually the perfect size. I was going to buy their size 6 and 10 respectively but decided to go a size up (thinking they're larger in size). My girls wear those UK sizes so I bought the 7 and 11.

White (leather) Saltwater Sweet Hearts.

Pink Fuchsia (leather) Saltwaters

Spot the baby.

My new appliance taking up even more room on my kitchen bench.
I've been wanting one for a while so when I saw the box at Aldi with a discounted sticker on it I told hubby I had to have it. He said ok. The guy  scanned it and it scanned at the wrong price so I told him it was meant to be $39.99 and he changed it. Phew. I made pizza dough with it this morning.  I learned to be careful once the dough climbed up the dough hook cos it took me some time to fish it out of the hook inserts.

My happy little bunch. Things are on the up and up around here.
I've joined a basketball team on Sunday arvo's and hubster looks after the young to while I am pounding the court with my lead legs. First game back I thought I was going to fall over but since then I am now keeping up a bit more. I average two points per game which is great in my books. And then the other day while shooting a few hoops at mums I noticed something. WTH? I am a left-handed shooter! When did that happen? No wonder hardly any shots were going in. Up and up I tell you!

Posts that make me emotional today:
  • Chris losing her baby girl. I've been a long time fan of her blog and to read this breaks my heart.
  • The blog community is amazing. Read about the healing quilt. It makes me want to make my posts more meaningful, inspiring, ... healing.
Well, we've had lots of funny weather this month. Yesterday we had a heat wave and last night I had the fans on. Then it rained. It rained all on my washing. Oh well. Serves me right for being  lazy busy.

Lord give me strength.


  1. I see the baby!!! and the sandals are cute!!! Not to mention your little gang... look at their beautiful happy faces!


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