Friday, April 27, 2012

A bit of food for thought.

Well I finally got around to making the Cinnamon Crown last week.
It wasn't as sweet as I'd liked because I used caster sugar instead of white sugar.
Still, it came out nice and I had a friend come over for a playdate so it was the perfect opportunity to impress. The recipe makes two of these crowns so she got to take one home to impress her hubby.

This was lunch the other day. I had a hankering for Char Kway Teo.
It's something I grew up loving and my large band of sisters and I would visit Cabramatta every Sunday for this fried rice noodle dish. For some odd reason mum didn't make this at home. Back then it was something like $6.50 a plate and well worth the trip and experience. I used the method presented by Rasa Malaysia and it came out really nice. I used half a bag of rice noodles and fresh vegies. We added some chilli sauce. Yummmm!

The kids are back at school. Awesome. Cos the past three weeks have driven me nuts.
We went to three birthday parties in one weekend!
I gave the eldest one some playdough and this is what she came up with (the frog).
I've been indulging in a few things for the kids that I don't normally do due to household chore excuses, like a trip to the park, picnics in the backyard, making their favourite food, going to the library and letting them sleep in my bed with me!
Do you feel guilty that you don't spend enough time with the kids? I find that staying off the laptop for considerable amounts of time really does help me get things done.

So what next? It's getting rather chilly now so I plan to make a little jacket for my 2.5yr old girl and some flannel pj's for me and the little one. Who isn't going to be so little in a few months!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Quick Easter dress

You know, I'm all about last minute. I have been deliberating on if/should/can I just make my own dress pattern. Being a Gemini, I can not decide for the life of me.
Anyway, I had thoughts about making a simple shirred dress for Easter Sunday.
Then I just could not be bothered shirring all those lines. Then I finally decided to use two patterns and blend them into one. I've never done anything like this before but I threw caution to the wind and this is the (almost) final product (it's un-hemmed on the bottom). I'm thinking knee length but I was too excited to wait. It goes on over my head without the need for a zip.

I used the top C pattern from New Look 6035 and the skirt piece from New Look 6697 for the skirt. I pushed up the skirt pattern piece about an inch below the waist line of the top. The white band in the middle is a belt from some linen pants. It looks like a sack without it. I don't have any matching belts at this time and I vowed not to buy anything material for myself this Lent season. It's proved to be very hard and I broke my vow by buying this material : ( But I've been really good since the end so I think I deserve it. I love the gathered bit at the neckline. You have to cut out binding for the arm holes and necklines and I put them on like I do quilting.This is a size 10 and I made up a muslin from old bed sheets to check the fit of the top. It might turn out to be my favourite top pattern.

I think it came out really well since I had no idea how it would turn out. The material is a lovely flowy rayon from Spotlight and I bought 2.2mtrs. I initally cut out my second piece wrong and I have some scraps left over. I might have to make a matching belt for this?? or will it look too matchy-matchy? It has to be belted.

In other news my sis came over a few days ago and showed me how to make almond milk. Since learning that soy milk is no good for you I've been wanting an alternative.
Almond milk is incredibly easy to make! Grab a bag of almonds. Soak them overnight in water. Drain the water and chuck them in a blender and begin blending with a cup of fresh water. Strain the liquid through a muslin (she found some in the first-aid box, LOL!) and voila! Almond milk. We made up about 400mls and she added some salt but I preferred it without salt. It's rather creamy too and not too nutty.

I compared it to store bought almond milk and our version is much creamier/whiter and of course, healthier! I suppose they must water their ones down.

You can repeat the process again with the same processed almond with some more water and then use the almond in your cooking for cakes/biscuits/sweets. She left the skin on the almonds by the way. You can peel them after the soaking if you prefer.

I hope you will all have a fantastic Easter and a safe holiday.
May God bless your families and keep you well.