Ready, Set-y, Go-eeeee!

The weather has taken a turn for the better and it rained the other day.
Which is relieving as the bushfires in Victoria are still burning and taking lives.
My prayers go out to those who have lost their children, parents, friends and pets.

Melly and Me are holding silent auctions to raise funds for the appeal.

With the rain came cooler temps and I took the opportunity to pop my Little Man into the overalls. Apologies for the blurry pics but a runaway toddler makes for a difficult photoshoot.

He seems to fit it perfectly. I did have to adjust the buttons on the straps though as the top was falling down. I'm glad it fit without my added seam allowance in the pattern.

This is one with the flash on so it took away the blurriness but gives you dark shadows.

I love seeing him in it. He looks very cute.

Oh on another note, I stuffed up on the layout of the pieces. I totally forgot about the fact that corduroy has 'nap', which means that there is a direction on the fabric and it does look different in the light. As I put the front and back together I could see one side was darker than the other.
What the? Oh yeah.. darn,.. nap.. nap... nap....

Anyway, I will cut it right with the beige cord I have ready for the next pair.

On another note, see this Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker Tote below?
I am sooooo getting this pattern when it is released here in Oz.
It looks so perfect to make.

Little Miss is requesting hugs so I better go.

Keep safe, my friends.


  1. Well done on the overalls! Your little man looks so cute in them!

  2. I love dungarees. I think my boys need some. Neeeeeed some. Yes neeeeed some. Even the seven year old ...


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