Experiencing Technical Difficulties

My baby is back! Oh how I missed my Janome while it was gone for two days!
I must have really jinxed myself after my last post because while I was fixing those hems on the jeans I managed to bend the tip of the denim needle. I just knew something was up.

I searched around for a good service place. There weren't any nearby and I could just imagine myself : three kids in tow and a sewing machine strapped to my chest or something.
Luckily I came across this guy who did free pick-up and delivery.

A quick call to Jimmy Shimizu assured me that my machine was going to be in good hands.
Jimmy use to be a head-technician for Janome. How could I go wrong!

Upon the return of my beloved machine he let me know that I had a faulty needle plate which caused the thread to get caught and jam up.
I had half a clue of what was going on, the rest was a collaboration of impatience, swearing and inexperience amongst other things.
He also mentioned that I should have the dial 'thinga-majig' on 3 so the pressure foot tension will grab the fabric.
Oh, so that's why my fabric was going to the left. Ha ha. Darn kids. It was them.
I departed with my $85 and was relieved knowing that it was good as new. I will endeavour to look after my machine a lot more.

I should read revisit my manual.

So, I have a small stash of clothes ready to be refashioned. I can't wait!

Hpoe you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. WOW - pick up, delivery and fixed all for $85 - thatw as a bargain!!! Does he service Melbourne???? hehehe


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