Lists of things to do.

Ruffled Shoes by Apachesprincess

I found this tutorial yesterday (pictured) and I want to have a go at it.
I just need to find some ballet flats first.
Isn't it just the cutest? AND I already have my hot glue gun ready.

I was doing a spot of sewing yesterday but I was sewing dolls clothes.
A Dora doll to be exact. The skirt was easy but I stuffed up the blouse by sewing the puffed sleeve upside down. Haa haaa. I figure if I don't try I won't learn.

You have GOT to go here. Erin has really great pictures and instructions on how to sew children's clothes. Sooooo awesome for a intermediate sewer like me. How gorgeous are those dresses!

Aside: I think my header is a bit too big. I don't have time to fix it yet.

I have a list of things that I would love to sew up but it's getting cold here so I'll be thinking about pinafores, leggings, knits.... it's endless.

Oh, back to the point about my sewing... I have come to the conclusion that my machine needs a tune-up. It's been with me for 5 yrs now and even though it's relatively new it just doesn't perform the way I want it to. My fabric keeps sliding to the left and I would like the piece of mind to have it looked at. That way, I can only blame myself for sewing mishaps.

I've become the family 'alterations' expert since parading my sewing items.
I don't mind it but they have to look after my kids while I sew.
Truth be told I don't always do a terrific job but the jobs usually come in the "I have to wear it tomorrow" type of urgency. Plus I can't sew up a hole.. do you know how to repair holes??

Hubby is home tomorrow so we're all going to drop the kids at daycare together.
How cool is that going to be.
Ciao for now.


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