Part One: Front Panel and Piping

I made piping. Really. From scratch.
I had to because Lincraft didn't have any. The Gods were smiling on me because I guessed all of the calculations. I tried to understand the charts for bias making but the Imperials were doing my head in.

Here's the math in metric terms:
A 30cm square will make around 3mtrs of 3cm wide bias binding. More than enough of the 90" required. Remarkable that continuous binding method.

I used my zipper foot to sew in the piping cord. I don't know why but I chopped off the length I needed instead of just finishing the rest of the cord and bias. I won't do that next time.

Here 'tis pinned onto the front panel. See how you get nice rounded edges.
The dog and cat are pleased.

This is the front panel. I had to chop some of the train station to include the train in the clouds.
It has a layer of H640 wadding and S320 to give it some body and firmness.
I do recommend using a Rajah cloth because I scorched the crap out of a pillow case ironing the wadding and Vilene to the back.

Next up - Part Two: Zipper and side panels


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