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You may or may not have heard the sad news about the passing of Whip-Up founder Kathreen Ricketson. I found the article related to her circumstances on WA today (just this morning) but I've only discovered the news from other blogs yesterday. It's very tragic and sad. I believe that everything happens because that's the crap that does happen in life. There is no 100% happiness. We can't avoid it or see it coming. Bad things happen to really good people. It sucks but it does happen and I try not to think about but instead pray for their families. They will be closer together, become stronger and more resilient in life.

We will be keeping the family in our prayers and hope that God will heal their pain. They have set up a fund for the children's education and the details can be found on the blog site. Hug your children tighter, be kind to everyone and enjoy the all moments whilst we are still here.


  1. That is such a terrible tragedy - at least they were part way through their dream adventure and not putting it off for another day like so many of us do, but still just so sad.


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