Slowing down

I need to slow down. Really. How do I know this?
Yesterday I locked the car keys in the house so I had to call a few people to pick up the kids from school and then send me the spare house keys. There's suppose to be a spare key in the laundry (cos it's not the first time I've done this) but it wasn't there. (Oh yeah, I used it last week!) Today, I decided to check my run-about bag and the little zipper compartment in the back. Whaddya know? My spare key was there!!! I could have saved myself, lol.

I've also forgotten to buy this sachet for colour runs (to save the red stripey shoes I doused in bleach for my daughter which are now considerably pink all over) even though I've been to the shops, oh about three times now.

So, our slow days have been about playing in the cubby house in the backyard (whilst I hang laundry) and getting her to help me cook. I use to cook all the time with my eldest girl but this girl needs to get some cooking action. So I bought some White Wings Lunchbox heroes - Banana Choc Chip Muffins.

I like pre-mixed boxes because you only need to spend some time adding extra ingredients and then you're just about done. Yes, I am very time poor and I know I could scour the internets for my own recipe but these are really good so why make myself go crazy and put all that extra effort onto myself?

We mixed it up with the few extra ingredients and somehow I must be too generous with my serves and we only had 10 cupcakes instead of 12 little ones. Oh well, the adult size *ahem* muffins are for me.

They really do taste delicious. My verdict 10/10. Next up, apple and cinnamon slice, also, from White Wings.

p.s This is not a paid post, I just like White Wings. And baking.


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