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While you were sleeping.

While everyone is asleep in the evening I clean up the kitchen and lounge (most nights, not all) and then I spend some time on the computer. It's the only time I have that is completely un-interrupted. 

Tonight I downloaded some pictures from the camera and found these gems. Above is an actual possum who frequents our place. There it is, perched on our garage, looking for food I suppose. We can hear the thud on the tin shelter as it leaps from roof to roof. They are very agile and they don't bother us; only the poop they leave behind (in the kids tree house). It's not nice, esp. when little toddlers get a hold of them (ewww).

I also found these pictures very intriguing. Apparently, I have a budding photographer on our hands. My 5yr old son obviously took a liking to his eraser buddies (from Big W if you are interested) and Mr Frog has taken centre stage. It's all very cute, as you'll see.

Eraser line-up. Which one is the cutest??

Mr Frog takes a leap! I might have to get him to take a few more pictures and see what he comes up with. It makes my heart melt when I see things like this. I was berating him before about playing with my camera. So now I feel guilt. Mothers guilt. I better give him a hug.

Here is our sushi station. The kids quite like sushi so every so often I whip out a Glad Baking sheet and we make sushi. The sheet makes it really easy to roll. Especially when said children have taken your bamboo mat and shredded the pieces up. Very funny... for them. Not, for me. I'm glad they like sushi because I would not call them my kids if they didn't. My favourite is the California roll though so I might have to look into making our own. Here I have pan fried chicken breast, cucumber and avocado. Must try to include more vegies (for me, not for them, I have picky eaters).

I've been trying to eat healthier lunches lately. Those are VitaWeat Lunch Slices with cream cheese, cucumber and salmon. I was inspired by Planning with Kids writer Nicole Avery, who switched to some Cruskitts and lost some weight. Seems like an easy way to make some meal changes without sacrificing flavour (and starving!)

Here are the kids enjoying some reading time. We recieved a surprise package from Scholastic last week. It was perfect timing as I was sick and feeling a bit weighed down. Thanks Sarah H. You are the best!!! Scholastic had released some new titles:

10 Hooting Owls by Ed Allen is our favourite out of all of them. It's a very funny animal version of the popular song "Ten Green Bottles" and when my son sings it I love it. He has the cutest kid voice. Even hubby enjoyed it (yes, they made their dad read it to them, Haa haaa haa haa)

How to Catch a Monster by Christina Bollenbach is a tale about courage, of facing the fear of the monster in the dark. The illustrations are very pretty. At first the little ones were a bit scared but once we knew what kind of monster it was, then they enjoyed it. That's the book that they are reading in the photo's. My year 1 girl is reading it to them and needed a bit of help with some words.  It's great she can read to her siblings.
The last book was Bad Dog Flash by Ruth Paul. It's a very simply worded book about a dog who always gets into trouble. My Kindy boy can read this book. He's still learning to read on his own but this book is perfect for him. So we'll be keeping these books on the top shelves for night-time reading. My rule is that they need to have their pyjamas on and have brushed their teeth before I read so I never get any whining or "but mummy" from them about this rule. I wish it was just as easy as the rest of the other things I want them to do.

If you've made it this far down the post, well done. It's about 11.19pm here (let's be exact) and I've got one or two shirts to iron before I hit the sack. It's all about late nights in this house but I try not to make it too much of a habit. 

We've had really great sunny days lately but the mornings and evenings are chilly in Sydney, Oh-stray-lee-ah (Australia). That's Autumn (Fall) for you. I have in my mind a girls Winter coat from my Japanese book and perhaps I shall get around to my own Tova. Much is to be anticipated.

Including, my very own personal consultation with the beautiful Dr Joanna McMillan. YES, I got to Skype with her today!!!! Un-freaking believable! Of course, I am very blessed enough to be able to have a Woolworths voucher giveaway along with it so stay tuned my friends. And keep warm!!!


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