A very busy life

Happy Belated Mother's Day mums. I had a lovely day and hubby bought me some clothes on behalf of the kids, awwwww.

So, sorry to keep you guys in suspense. I've been sick with the flu this week. Boy, was it awful. My head was hurting, my back and body aching, feeling chills and wanting to sleep forever. I only took some Panadol but a Vicks Vapor rub steam bowl was pretty good at relieving the head cold. It was a really cold weekend which made me feel a lot worse. Time for soups and fresh juices methinks.

So, anyway, I popped all the names on pieces of paper, stuck them to little binder clips and had my three year old pick out two of them. So, the winners of the Woolworths gift cards cards are: (drumroll!):
Nadine of Adagio Alpacas and Kerry D (from Facebook comments). Please e-mail me your mailing addresses and I will try my best to get them out this week or else early next week.

Before I fell ill, I was busy planning out some long sleeved t-shirts for my almost 2year old. I think this one came out quite alright. I traced a size 2 shirt he has but since it's still a little large on him it's not as fitted as I'd like so maybe I'll try to slim it down a little.
I had this kind of light bub moment where  you stick the pins down the arm holes and neckline so that when you remove them and the shirt, you are left with an imprint of the pattern marking on the piece of paper underneath!

This is the Muksis Jersey Top Ottobre pattern I found that I had been keeping (for oh about 3 years) and had never tried it until now. I tried this in size 80 and extended the sleeve and since it was my first time with sewing on ribbing, it was kinda stretched so I'll be needing a lot more practise. How does Dana of MADE make it look so easy! I used my twin needle to sew it on but I like the way it turned out. I may or may not try the smaller size out of this Ottobre pattern. I'm undecided. Actually, I don't have really nice knit fabric to use. They seem to be all light and not thick enough.

It's getting soooo much colder first thing in the morning and early evening. It's definitely time for warmer clothes and hoodies though. I picked up some great sales from Pumpkin Patch online for the older kids, like winter jackets for $32 each with free delivery!!!

I'm still coughing so I better have another cup of tea and rest a little before school pick up and another hectic evening. Is it only me or does it seem like there's JUST TOO MUCH TO DO!? Homework, lunches, dinner, groceries, charity work, exercise, laundry, cleaning, reading, sewing (not much of that)...
Anyway, if you made it this far, good for you. Go and have a cup of joe. XOX.


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