No... we're not cooking.

This is pattern marking/tracing.
In particular a Japanese pattern.
I don't enjoy tracing Japanese patterns solely for the fact that I find it hard to actually find the right piece to be traced and my tracing looks like my 3.5yr old did it.
But this time around I used a ruler, some extra wide Glad Baking Paper and traced a pattern for a singlet top for myself.
It's also useful to copy the actual Japanese markings so you can recognise the symbols on the instructions. Above is the pattern piece for pages 14, 31 and labelled 'front' piece.
I hope to finish it soon. Not tonight, I have to shop but maybe by Sunday.


  1. oooo I wonder what your making...will check back on sunday to find out! have a lovely weekend Kim xx

  2. Hi,
    my name is Alex and I have just stumbled on your blog ....congratulations, it is indeed very inspiring. Funny, you seem to be into the same things as our family...3 little ones, Apples for Jam and those too cute japanese pattern books...
    and now the baking paper cum tracing paper...
    well done on your blog and good luck on your journe!
    regards, Alex

  3. Thanks for those words of encouragement Alex. It sure sounds like we have a lot in common.

    Sarah-Jo : thanks for being so optimistic about my sewing plans. I'll try and see if I can get more sewing time tonight. I only ended up finishing a cushion for a niece-in-law last night.


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