Ok, no more fabric!

Ok I am on a fabric ban! No more until I make something. I decided to tidy up my stash last night. I do have a quite a bit now even if they don't complement each other.

Above is the latest of the fabric I got from my local fabric store. I fell in love with the teal coloured broderie anglaise thinking it would be perfect for a top for myself. If only I'd have the perfect maternity pattern. Nevermind, I'll make do with my own.

I couldn't go past without buying this cute corduroy for my girl. It would be perfect for something, perhaps a little pinnie? What else do you make with corduroy? I don't have a hooded jacket pattern for toddlers : ( I'll try to find some inspiration from my Japanese books.

I really tried to find something suitable for my man but I'm not into skulls and he's not joining the army anytime soon. Seriously, can't they make something decent for boys?

In the meantime, the kids will just have to wait around while mum gets her act together.
I did get some tracing paper and overlocker spools in waiting.

p.s I did make some pj pants with some spare fleece for Little Man. I'm loving my overlocker! Some sewing to come soon, I promise.


  1. You know I hear you! Skulls and patches and camo and graffiti print make me mad! I just made a cute sailor top for Oli, not too fussy and very cute! It is my antidote to all the crap out there for boys.

    I like the cord you bought, I have heaps of cord but never get around to sewing with it, I feel like it is too nice to use!

  2. oh I say no more fabric buying allll the time, but never manage to stick to it! I did see some cute dinosaur print cotton drill at Spotlight the other day, nicer than the camo stuff

  3. The cord would make a great little pleated skirt for your daughter. Or how about a little jacket from your Ottobre books - I'm pretty sure there is something that would suit cord in that book.

    Oh and the boys stuff - I know - my new financial year resolution is to findnice fabric and sew for DS!


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