Taking the Stress out of Serging

I recieved this bookby Chris James from Fishpond the other day and I read the whole thing whilst we took a trip to the city to pick up Little Miss' new car seat.

I must say how fabulous it has been already. It has lots of great pictures although I am yet to understand why my loops don't look the same as hers.
I sat with it last night and played around with my overlocker/serger. It was still annoying to see the 4 thread pictures regarding tension so I opened up my manual and referred to 3-thread diagrams. Things finally began to click.
I also tested on a folded piece of fabric rather than only one layer. It makes the stitching come out nicer and more visible.

I jotted down notes:
test 1: tensions 4, 3, 4 = loops too loose
test 2: tensions 5, 4, 3 = loops sit right on edge, maybe a little bit under
test 3: tensions 5, 3, 2 = a bit better?
blue - upper loper
orange - lower looper
... stuff like that.... it really does help.
I'm still getting my head around the terms and what they refer to.

In the end I think I ended up with something like 5, 3, 2, stitch width - 2.5 and differential feed - 1.7. I'll post pictures later of my test stitches. I showed hubby and he was impressed.
Why aren't I using the left needle, he asks?
Because I'm finding it hard enough to get three spools working!!!
He has learnt to take my newly raised voice with a grain of salt. Hormones. I have told him once before and he has never forgotten since.

At present our internet limit has been exceeded so being at work with fast internet access is a blessing. I'll be uploading belly pictures next week along with the winner of the giveaway. I am blown away by the nice comments left so far. So nice to know that my blog is being appreciated. Thankyou all who have visited.


  1. oh a serger, I think I may have one only in my dreams, along with a Gocco.

  2. oh this would be wonderful! I just got my first serger and learned how to thread it....wow! It was complicated :)


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