Easy skirts

This is an easy skirt using the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt template.
It was a bit more flared than I liked so I trimmed it down to suit.
You are meant to put a lining layer inside but because of the dark colour it isn't going to be see-through
so I just left it as one layer with an invisible zipper at the back centre seam.

I like the lightness of the material which I bought from Spotlight in the quilting section.
It's a little stiff unlike the rayon I used for the skirt below.
I hope to get alot of use out of this skirt.

Here is a close-up of the flower detail.

Do you remember that dress Iwas meant to finish?
Well as I was un-picking the bodice seam I put a hole in it.
Then I decided, well, it's better off as a skirt so here it is.
Very comfy and easy. Just the way skirts should be.

There is my little boy who didn't want to be left alone this morning.
Ahh well, cuddles are good for anyone.


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