Letting the light shine... with a bit of sewing.

This new blogger template is driving me a bit nuts.
Anyway, moving right along I am in a much better frame of mind. Sorry about the last post but I had to get things off my chest. I wish the world wasn't full of evil but that's the way it is, for now.

So I decided to nourish my soul with a bit of sewing. This top (sorry it's blurry) was a pattern from my Japanese Overlock Sewing book. It's not suppose to have that pleat in the middle but it was gaping and looked terrible after I put on the neck binding. I really have to learn how to do this and yeah, sewing with knits is fiddly.

But gosh it's soooo comfy. This was a $3 a metre knit from Spotlight. It's a pink country flowery knit.
I want to make more knit tops.

Today I managed to make myself a skirt using Amy Butler's A-line Barcelona Skirt pattern.
It would have only taken a few hours but with the kids around it took about a day. I moved the sewing machine to the kitchen so I could watch the toddler overwhelm the baby (ahem, yeah) in the lounge.
Now that it's finally sunny I should make more skirts to wear.

I shall show you tomorrow!!!


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