Skipping Boy

One budget white t-shirt. One Sprout Skipping Boy appliqued on = Super cool t-shirt!

Here's a close-up of my applique'ing. I tried with a darning foot but with the lowered feed dogs there was shuddering and shaking, and NOT the good kind ;)
Least to say I wasn't tempted to continue with this method.
So I reverted to what I know how to do. Which is to use my applique foot (clear plastic foot) and use the first of my buttonhole stitches to do a so-called satin-stitch.
Feed dogs were up and it was fairly easy to manoeuvre around the curves.

This was the end product. One happy skipping boy.

Note: I did use Lite Steam-A-Seam in between the boy and the t-shirt to keep it in place.

Now... what else can I get away with while the kids are watching t.v?

33weeks and trust me, I'm counting...


  1. Awesome Kim - Your applique edging looks great - nice and thick.

    You look great BTW - 7 weeks to go is nothing! Are you organised? I was NOT with my third but somehow have become very organised since she was born! (Organised chaos.)

  2. first off you look beautiful even if you dont feel it :)

    love the skipping boy the edging is perfection marvelous job!

  3. that's clever! my cousin bought one of these too - very cute.


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