Happy New Year

What a year it was. Ups and downs that's for sure.
I like happy endings and that's what we had.

Mr Trouble turned 3 and we had cake on New Years Day.

Miss 4 had an accident with her cousins fire sparkle stick and burnt the side of her eye on Christmas Day. Luckily after some ice, paw paw cream and then vitamin E cream it has healed up nicely and the scab has fallen off leaving just the pink scar which I hope will fade in time.
Nothing makes you feel like the worst parent when your child has an accident that could have been avoided. You've been there, right?

We celebrated Mr 3's Birth Day by going to the beach for the first time since having our first baby. Hubby stayed in the shade while I played in the water with the kids and had a helping hand with a nephew. It was a perfect day and it really made my whole year.
Miss J really enjoyed the water too and kept screaming each time it came up around her waist.
It was funny and cute.

I made these pyjama shorts for him today using a very big mens shirt that I knew hubby would never wear. He wouldn't let me take a photo so this is the best you're getting for now.
I used the sides of the shirt as the side leg seams and sewed the two pieces together to form shorts. I also used the bottom of the shirt as the bottom of the legs. I am quite happy the way they turned out and will see if I can make some more for him to wear at home.
Happy New Year everyone. I am off to put him to sleep so I can rest too.
I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to some new projects this year, especially with a little one due in June!


  1. hey your little ones are so cute! you're really lucky. take care! loved your blog.


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