Repurposed - The bag that was a skirt.

* Please bear with me as I learn to use my new camera. It arrived yesterday and I haven't got use to the settings yet. You will see that the pictures look different and the brighter ones haven't captured the exact colour of this denim bag. The top picture is how the bag actually looks. It's a beautiful dark denim with white embroidered flowers.

I had this skirt around for so many years. It was an A-line skirt given to me from one of my sisters and I have lost interest in wearing it, esp. since it is way too small for my waist.
The other night in the midst of my pregnancy insomnia I thought "why don't I use the material for something else?"

So today I placed a tote bag template just under the waist and cut it out.
I then decided to be extremely clever and used a pocket from a pair of jeans (which I will never get into unless some miracle brings me back to a size 8 in the near future) as a mobile phone holder inside the bag. Since it was already lined I used my serger to serge around the edge and then created a strap using the remnant of the said skirt. I used some interfacing in the strap.

See the pocket. It fits my mobile fine even if the top peeps out a little.

Obviously, I still have to figure out why it's not focusing when using the 10sec count down.

I really like this bag. It's the perfect size. It will fit an A4 book and will be great for a few essentials when I go shopping. I feel so happy each time I see it.

So, go and rummage through your old clothes. You know, the ones you are saving for that "one day that will never come" and make yourself a tote bag. It's the easiest and fun repurposing project ever!


  1. Very clever idea, Kim! Oooh... new camera... what fun! It took me a while to figure out my camera when I got it. Perhaps your exposure setting is too low?


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