Yes, still waiting.

Today is our first day of Winter. I am still baking baby number 4. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow.
I was 39weeks when lil J was born (pictured above).
I feel pretty big but feeling like bub is quite low and getting kicks right in the middle up high.
I am hoping that there will be something happening tomorrow.
In the meantime there was lots of nesting: i.e. cleaning and washing.
We attended a wedding a few Sundays ago and gee it was lovely. The food was great and best of all we too all the kids with us. The only shoes I had which fit my feet were heels and I totally regret it. Anyway, it was fun being barefoot and pregnant at the reception.

I cut up a turtle neck top for Miss 4.5 but have procrastinated in finishing it. I want to double the fabric as the knit is rather light and not warm enough for our cold weather.
I've only got around to making some dresses for her naked Barbie dolls, lol.

So watch this space because I'm sure it will be rather eventful once our last baby makes his entry into this world.

Hugs and kisses,



  1. Ugh, the last days are always the toughest. Hang in there, friend! Can't wait to see the new baby!!!

  2. wow you are so close Kim! Best of luck inthe coming days...

    P.S.) I sent you an email a week back - did you get it?


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