Just another day.

Now that school holidays are over I can almost relax but the days seem to be busier than usual. During the holidays I didn't load too many activities as I like to balance relaxing and kids activities. Like last time we went to the movies again and watched Madagascar 3. Awesome movie. I loved it as much as the kids and yes, even the youngest enjoyed it and we didn't have one wet their pants! I had a good friend over and we made chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing from scratch! They tasted so good we've planned to make more from my cupcake magazine!!!
If you had the day I had last week you'd be begging for a holiday. It included the kids locking the bedroom door and their brother in the cot so I was frantically using a screwdriver to open it up to make it in time for school drop-off. Then, at the shops the soy sauce bottle fell out the bottom of the bag and spilled all over the floor in front of Woolies. Then 5mins later my 3yr old decides she wants to go toilet after we only had a toilet break 5mins ago and wee's in aisle 12. It doesn't stop there, the baby has done a number 2 in his nappy and I'm in the carpark changing his nappy whilst trying to get out of Westfield before our 3 hours expires! Arghhh, but I DID IT! All with a smile and lots of patience and praying. Phew.
I finally got around to some gardening since Spring is finally in the air. Potting mix is really cheap and so there was no excuse for me not to start planting seeds. I bought a selection of Yates seeds both on-line at their ebay shop and from the supermarket. I've put some Freesia seeds in place of the dead tomato section which is near our shelter. I bought these Yates garden pot set which came with free Basil, Coriander and Parsley seeds (below). I hope they start to sprout soon. I've been diligently watering them every afternoon after I've taken in the laundry. Hubby probably thinks they won't last under my non-existent green thumbs and I'm determined to prove him wrong... this time.

I'd like to post some more pics but I'm having a bugger of a time with Blogger uploading my pictures lately. The kids have been back to swimming lessons since I've slacked off through winter. I've attended a new church Playgroup and will have a Bakers Delight hosted morning tea next week and a giveaway for my lovely readers again. So don't be shy and stop by next Tuesday, won't you.
Until then, it's full steam ahead for me.
p.s C is for Cookie, could you e-mail me your e-mail address. Your Blogger profile has a no-reply setting so I can't grab your address for the My Memories software you won. Thanks!


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