Two for me

 This is what happens, I get e-mails from on-line shops about their current sales and I have a bit of a browse and then I delete the e-mails. Sometimes there are quite good sales worth going to the shops and picking out an item or two. Target happened to be one of them as it's 40% off all dresses this weekend!!! I normally try on dresses when they have 20% off but I don't buy them. Call me stingy or whatever but I really only buy a dress when I feel it's worth it. That being said, I don't have many nice dresses in my wardrobe so I set about changing that this morning.

So with all the kids dressed I drove down to the shopping centre just after 9am to beat the crowds. I picked out about 5 dresses to try on and headed off into the change room. I had to let them all in with me in the change room and leave the pram outside. The 18mth old decided it was not for him and cried the ENTIRE time I was trying on dresses. The eldest, my 6yr old daughter was singing and my almost 5yr old boy was crying because I stopped him from opening the door. Let's just say it was rather horrid and loud and I couldn't wait to leave.

I picked out these two dresses though. The top one is a nice navy one which would be good for work. I did try the lace peplum one but she thought it wasn't colourful enough and I agreed with her. Miss 6 really liked the fake wrap one (pictured) and I will probably wear it tonight at a pre-wedding party we are going to. They ended up only being $35.40 each so what a bargain they were! I love you Target.

I grabbed the nearest food distraction (Cadbury Favourites) to tide over the little ones while I waited in line to pay for them along with a white Christmas t-shirt for our St Vincent de Paul Hamper drive next Monday. I like to look festive. I hope you found some goodies this Christmas season.

May God bless your weekend.

* Stay tuned for a book give-away next.


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