Into the New Year

 We've been savouring the warm weather and holiday season with days at the pools and relaxing at home. It's finally getting warm now and summer has definately made it's appearance with some days reaching highs of 40degrees celcius (104F). The kids have been more confident in the water (even with their floaties) and that is fine by me. I don't expect them to be swimming on their own just yet but the eldest daughter certainly is getting there in small distances.

 We did have a lovely Christmas and St. Nicholas even made an appearance at our house! Thanks to a loving uncle who dressed up and came in while the kids hid in the hallway. Their faces were priceless and they could not believe such a thing would happen to them. It was a joy to see their excitement that St. Nick did visit. Now I can use that excuse next year to get them to do their chores!

 The wee ones also had a ball (pun intended) with an outing to Clown Town. I like that they don't charge for adults unlike other places and we had free passes as last time we went they were closed for a private function (boo) so make sure you call up if you are not sure if they are open.

 Little Miss 3 is enjoying her new fairy outfit given to her by her Godmother. She is talking a lot more now but still some of it is gibberish. I hope the child care place will help her to use proper sentences and I'm waiting on that for this year.

Not much else is happening apart from a bit of Getting Ready for School, which means uniforms, school shoes and thinking about school lunches again. Next week I am going to a GLAD Masterclass in sandwich making and I'll share what I learnt with all you mums out there. I've been visiting Nicole's Planning with Kids blog for ideas on school planning.

I'll be going back to work part-time in Feb so that should be interesting. God willing that everything else just falls into place and things run smoothly. In the mean time have fun and enjoy them while they're still young. XOX.


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