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 This is my finished Tova top. I like it. BUT it's a size large and it is too big on me. I will have to cut out a medium next and I'll be trying a dress length. We'll see how that goes. It was fun to put together but I'm not sure this is a colour for me.

 I'm pretty sure I didn't understand how to do the collar so I'll be carefully seeking out tutorials for how it's properly done. I think I even did the cuffs wrong but they both look fine. I shall bestow this to my sister who will probably (hopefully) like the gift.

 Scholastic have sent us some books which the kids have definately loved. I'll be reviewing some of them in the next post. It's funny because we recognise some of the titles from their school book club so it's a real treat to have a copy at home. So far, I'm really loving The Big Beet by Lynn Ward. The kids really enjoy it too. The illustrations are great and the story is fun.

 Here are the younger two with Possum Magic - Animals. The illustrations are beautiful and of course I love the Australian native animals. It's perfect for their age group and I'm hoping Miss Three (almost 4) can start to recognise the words.

There's been some cooking! Ssssh don't tell me belly. I was at Westfield and managed to get a madeleine tray from House for just $13! It must have been on sale because the printed shelf price was $18. That was the last tray too so I am really glad I went in to find it. I used the recipe from the Baking Essentials book and they turned out really nice except that I left them in for a bit too long and the edges were crispy. Plus there was a lot more batter than expected and I overfilled the tray a bit. I will definately try these again as they didn't last long at our house.

Above are the scrump-diddly-umptious scones I made using the pre-made Laucke CWA recipe box. They were soft and beautiful even after using the dough hook on my food mixer. They are a bit light as I didn't want to over cook them (see madeleines mishap). We ate them with jam and cream (of course).

Primary colours. I could not go past these little bowls from Woolworths. They were half price so I got four of them for soups etc. Aren't the designs divine? It makes me so happy when I see them. Wanna know a secret, I have the matching mugs (rolls-eyes).

Hot Dollar has come through with the good again and this massive sturdy bag came in at $5!!! I use it to fill two towels and swim gear for the kids. It has a front pocket for easy access to my keys, mobile and wallet. Awesomeness!!!

I'll try and come back for more updates but things are incredibly busy I forget to even pack the laundry. You know how it is. Sigh....


  1. You can trust the CWA to come up with the perfect recipe for scones, your photo almost makes me want to go bake some. And I love those bowls you picked up in Woolies, I might have to upgrade my chipped bowls for some colour too!


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