Kids shorts - MADE

It's Spring down here in Australia but it feels like summer. The weather can be quite hot one day, cooler at night, and mild the next day. You just can't tell. I think I can put away the winter jackets though. Normally with a change in the seasons I pack away clothes that will not be worn often and are just taking up valuable space in the cupboards. I also discover  what is missing for the kids. It turns out that my eldest girl has hardly any shorts or skirts for the warm weather.

I decided to buy a few shorts but for me the pricing of $20 is rather insane. I decided to buy the Kid Shorts pattern by Dana of MADE. It was a measly $6 which I should have bought ages ago. It's terrific because the sizing starts from 12months to 10 years!!! WOW. I knew I had to do make something nice with this sage coloured polka dot fabric I bought from the local fabric store.

I cut out the size 8 as my daughter needs a bit more room (and I don't have any problems with her eating habit, even if she is a bit fussy!). It did take a while to make the bias binding, next time I shall just buy store bought to save me the hours agonising on inches versus metric measurements in the tutorials. I think I've figured it out by now anyway. It was lots of fun putting this together and REALLY easy. She wears it all the time and I shall be making many more for her! The only thing is that the waistband scrunches into itself but she doesn't mind that. I might add some interfacing next time. I made the flat front finish on it.

and yay, my seedlings are growing.


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