Book winner and a flurry of activities

Sorry for the delayed post but I finally made some time to remember to draw the book winner which is:
Blogger Material Girl said...
Would love to read these books to my granddaughter,thanks for the chance. You are very generous!

I've sent you an e-mail so I hope to get your parcel out to you tomorrow.

In other events, there's been some Christmas skirt sewing. I looked into the stash and found this very pretty floral light cotton. I decided to make some skirts for the girls using the basic but lovely Lazy Days Skirt instructions from Oliver & S. This one is the size 7 and a bit longish. I had made a smaller one for the youngest girl but it turned out a teeny bit too short so I will be fixing it by adding an extra layer under the hemline to lengthen it.

Speaking of trims, I ordered this pretty lace trim from this Etsy seller: Natural Balcony. It did take a few weeks as it's from Korea but the shipping is very reasonable. She also added some extra samples of trim which will come in handy.

Last week I only went to the gym once but I had a mini work-out at home. There's a reason why mums can't work out at home. Unless you prefer a challenge with a toddler sitting on you whilst you are doing crunches, it's difficult. He also wants me to hold him and I have to try not to bump into him when I am doing my star jumps. The exercise helps me with my mood and I feel better knowing I've worked out a bit.

I've been finishing up Christmas shopping and just prioritising my time so as not to get stressed. We had a hamper drive for St Vincent de Paul, which was really great. I love playing Santa! My group of guys are awesome. They keep me inspired and are so guided by the Holy Spirit in their lives.

There was another birthday party as well but this one was a smaller group and I actually had a good time catching up with two mothers from school which I never get a chance to chat to during the school period.

We had a bit of crafting happening too. See above. Those are Christmas cards we recieved from school friends. I decided to cut them up and use them as lanterns to replace the broken ones. My son said to his sister " Come and see. Something amazing has happened in our bedroom" How cute.

On another good note, during today's shopping session, the toddler went crazy again during his tired time and I got those looks from shoppers but I went into Coles and one of the mothers from the Playgroup I knew patted me on the shoulder and said "You're doing a great job" I welled up a bit and said "Yeah, he's just tired." and smiled back at her. It's really nice to have someone else voice their support for you.

I'll be back soon with a skirt tutorial I think. I'll try to get a ruffle skirt out for you guys. But as for tonight, we'll be out there singing some Carols.

See you later, I hope!


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