My new ironing board cover

The only bit of sewing I did this past holiday season was this new ironing board cover and hitching up some pants for a wedding we have this Friday. Hubby was forced to finally got around to getting these new pants as his old ones don't button up anymore. So I cut the bottom and did a blind-stitch on them. I love the blind-stitch using the machine. It takes a bit of jiggling around but it's a lovely quick finish.

Next, I had seen a tutorial for making your own covers so I had a go at my own as this is not your standard regular size board. I got mine from Aldi and it's like extra-wide and a bit longer so no shop bought covers actually fit it unless you get the ones from Aldi; if you're lucky that they are selling them. So as I was going through my stash I found this Robert Kaufman quilting cotton. I don't know what it's called because I sewed up the selvedge. Anyway, it's dotty and I really like it.

Oh and here's a skirt I forgot to blog about. It's from the Ottobre 2009 Summer edition magazine: the Velma Vintage Skirt. It actually requires one long piece of fabric to make the skirt so I only had this Spotlight cotton on hand. It's bigger than what I expected but the 7 year old loves it. I cut out the 110cms and it just fits around her waist. I still need the hook and eye for the back and I made a lapped zipper which was fine. I really like the ric rac and the pockets are a great addition.

I'm not sure if I like the fullness of the skirt. I mean the girl loves to twirl in it and she loves the fluffy-ness but I find it too full. Also the hem requires a lot of fabric as well so if you're short on fabric and you're using the pattern I'd suggest you could get away with a smaller hem. If I recall it was at least a 6cm hem (what?!).

Anyway, the youngest wants one too but I better get to it. Does anyone have a really good skirt pattern? Not too full? I'm not having luck with drafting my own skirt pattern to use with the lace I've jut bought. Maybe it's just the ruffling that is getting to me....

So I better go now. Time to make some dinner (even though I am so totally over food now) Too many parties... but still a few more to go...


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