Little Readers Giveaway.

Scholastic sent me these First Readers recently. They are A5 sized books and are very much like the home readers the Kindergartens read. I like them because they are a good size for the kids to hold and are a good start in basic reading. These ones are written by award winning Australian Author/Illustrator Kerry Argent.
Here is the boy reading One Woolly Wombat which is an International Best Seller and a great Australian counting book. It presents the audience with the magic of dancing kangaroos, koalas sipping gumnut tea with lamingtons and goannas creating havoc in the kitchen and kookaburras writing with old-fashioned fountain pens. He would get a word wrong on some pages but he's a funny reader like that. He'll just add in words or make up words he thinks it would be. I'm forever telling him to read the words properly but he is a pretty good reader anyway.
I really love these little beauties. They are smaller books called Little Mates. There's a collection of them from A-Z and they're specifically designed with each letter of the alphabet for each book. For example, Easter Egg Express which uses lots of e words throughout the story. This is excellent because my youngest girl has some speech problems so we're using the Zippy Zoe book to concentrate on her getting the 'z' sound pr-nounced clearly. The more repitition she gets the better she will be saying those sounds.

See the example above of the 'e' words used in the sentences.

So, in honour of books and Easter I'm giving away three books! Hurray! The books are above: Two Kerry Argent books: At the beach and One Woolly Wombat and one Little Mates: Easter Egg Express.

You'll just need to enter a comment by Sunday 13th April so I can announce the winner that night and post the books out on Monday/Tuesday so they get to you in time for Easter.

I'm scrambling to find some time for those Easter dresses I promised. At least the kids will be on holidays next week and I'll be at home sewing them up in time for Easter Sunday! Fingers crossed they'll be done.

Hope you have a great weekend and for those who celebrate Palm Sunday I hope you have a wonderful time with loved ones and also at church, of course.


  1. Kim are you heading to the Scholastic book sale at Olympic Park this week? I'm tossing up whether to brave the Easter Show crowds for it. But I guess lucky you that they send books to you!

  2. What a fantastic giveaway - thanks for the chance :)

  3. Books for easter makes so much more sense than chocolate. We have a few of the little mate books and they do love them.

  4. I'm stuck for ideas for easter!! I work Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, so I'm thinking I might leave a note and a small something from the easter bunny/bilby saying he'll be back Sunday night and have all the excitement Monday morning!

    Thanks for the chance!


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