Finish Quantum Power and Pure with Active Oxygen.

I think just about all mums say that they are Time Poor. I certainly don't have to explain myself here. So, on the occasion where there's lots of glass and porcelain things to be washed I like to dump it all in the dishwasher. I've tried the cheap brands and expensive brands of washing tablets and powders. Since my dishwasher is very cheap, ahem, sensitive (it's a Cona brand or something hubby picked up with his dad a long, long, time ago) it doesn't do a good job unless I use a quality dishwashing detergent. Seriously. I am not kidding. It doesn't dry my dishes and it can leave even dirty dishes (I just can't go back to the Aldi powder anymore. Sad memories). I don't even think about how much chemicals are being used to wash my dishes. Do you?

That is until Woolworths had this amazing half price sale on all the Finish dishwasher tablets! Aaaahhh-le-lu- ya!!! I popped in one Finish Quantum tablet one day and everything came out sparkling and clean. Since then I have been using my dishwasher more often. I've tried their Gel version and it works but not as great as the original Quantum version in my washer (again, sensitive washer).

Now, Corrie at Retromummy, is recently testing out their new and less chemically made version : Finish Quantum Power and Pure with Active Oxygen! I couldn't say no to test it out myself. It's a healthier alternative to the normal stuff as it doesn't have heaps of nasty chemicals in it. Who doesn't want that for their family? I've been also starting to use less of my Teflon fry pans and use stainless steel instead.

She was really quick at sending me my tester pack too and I tried it out last night. Yes. I know. I am the world's WORST dishwasher packer-upper-er....  Since my washer is cheap, it also has no instructions on how to pack dishes for washing and I will never figure out how to set my bowls! It's also low so  my medium cutting boards only fit on the sides. So, there's the Finish tablet sitting in the dispenser (top pic) and my stuff inside. I put the plastic stuff that seems to be dishwasher safe on the top rack.

I must say after a Normal wash setting, Finish Power and Pure is AWESOME!!! Everything came out clean and shiny and spotless. I was very impressed. See below: the cutlery is shiny and the plate is spotless.

Even my baked on Pyrex dish came out clean. I had made chicken schnitzel and there were black crusty bits on the side. I put it in as it was and was so happy to see it so clean and streak free. 

One other indicator for me is how clean my dishwasher door ends up. No leftover tablet in the dispenser (yay-eee) Also, to save energy and carbon emissions I do turn my washer off on the dry part of the cycle after the dishes are clean and pull out the racks so they dry naturally. Seeing as my washer is in another kitchen (that's another story) it's not in the way of the kids or myself so I can do that.

So, now that you know, you better get these new chemical-less tablets. They are really great and a healthier alternative for you and your family. If they got hubby to do the dishes that would be heaven on earth.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that there are safer alternative cleaning products - no bleach, no fillers, NO NASTY chemicals. Choose no nasty chemicals - Melaleuca products are superior ,


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