Family and Food

Seriously, what else is there in life which brings people together than having food around. Constantly. Well, school's back in and I am in the swing of things. Last night the kids made raspberry and coconut muffins. Thanks White Wings. It was truly awesome. Next time I'll buy both boxes (or more). They were meant to be for school but the kids left nothing behind and it was so easy for them to make.

Yes, it is officially Winter down under. My gosh we've been so cold. It's gone down to zero degrees in the morning and it's pretty chilly outside but no snow where we live. These are my girls all rugged up. I think it was a church day. I found my eldest great pull up jeans from Pumpkin Patch. She never really liked the other zipper ones. The pull-up ones are so comfy!

I couldn't help myself and I made 3 ingredient Nutella brownies. They are delish but man, you need one cup of Nutella, two eggs and 3/4 cups of flour. I made this in two batches (so two cups of Nutella) because I know they won't last. If you love Nutella and brownies then these are for you. DEFINATELY. Go out and make some now. I melt the Nutella a bit in the microwave if it's pretty stiff. Just make sure you have no foil bits in the lip of the bottle. You can thank me later. They are so,so, so good.

It was the feast of St. Sharbel in July. He is a holy hermit of Lebanon and many miracles were attributed to his intercession. My favourite one is about a lady who couldn't fall pregnant. Her friend had visited the monastery in Annaya, Lebanon and brough back some incense. The lady gives it to her friend and she swallows it. She does fall pregnant and after giving birth the baby opens and closes it's hand. The Dr thinks it's odd and opens the hand. Inside the hand is the incense which her mother swallowed. Amazeballs. Yes, I love our Saints. He continues to intercede for us til this day. There are pictures of him in modern day photo's, which bewilders people.
So we went that night to the parish in Punchbowl and although it was cold (it also rained and hailed a bit) we had a good time and hoped we recieve some blessings.

The last week of the holidays it was a brilliant warmish week. We had planned to go out to the park and have a bbq with mum and my other sisters. It was great. Snags (sausages) and salad for lunch and little bit of a play before it got too cold, or tiring.

The fam bam. (who says that?) We enjoyed the chicken wings (next time, don't use a soy marinade, it gets burnt on the bbq and leaves black yuckiness) We had bottles of water and enjoyed the time together.

Last but not least we had Tim Staples visit us in Australia. He is by far, one of the greatest attributes to us being so filled with the holy spirit and thankful we are part of the Catholic Church. He is the Director of Apologetics for Catholic Answers. They're a great group of people. We got to hear him speak at church a few times and got his autograph on one of his cds. That's hubby in the pic with him. He's very happy to have met someone so great and Tim talks with so much passion and love. I love his talks through the podcasts.
Anyway, it's only a few more days now until I jet off to the U.S. I am excited and a bit scared at the same time because I've never left my kids before for so long. Not even over night. Hubby left this morning but he is flying premium economy, the lucky b@$t@rd. I can't wait to meet him there on Friday.
I'll keep you guys posted!


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