San Francisco in One Day

Last year I met up with hubby in San Francisco after his work conference finished up. It was a long trip marred by the fact that I went to the wrong terminal and ended up missing my connecting flight. I also missed the second flight and wound up tearful and jetlagged while getting my ticket filled at the children's line at Southwest but the lady was nice enough to do it for me. I would have just cried otherwise. Then the first flight where my bags went was delayed by 5 hours so I was in SFO Airport requiring the baggage place to track it down and thankfully send it to me later to my hotel. Needless to say, I wanted to avoid this at all costs for this particular trip.

So, this time my bags were checked in again at LA to the baggage transfer people at LA and I was told to go to Terminal 7 , which is like a 10min walk outside of the building. I was messaging hubby at this time. Now that there are automated kiosks you don't need to wait in a big line to get your ticket. It's awesome but I suppose jobs were lost in this process. But a lot of kiosks are being used in the airports now so it really speeds things up.

I recommend this web link for how to transfer cheaply to Union Square:

So I made it to SFO in one piece and no tears. I picked up my luggage and made my way up to the Airtrain terminal. I re-acquainted myself with the BART ticket to Powell St station ($8.95). In half an hour I met up with hubby and even though a bit jet lagged I was happy. It was nice and the sun was out.

First stop was leaving my bags at the Handlery Hotel and then we went straight to Macy's to the Cheesecake shop for lunch. This is me looking happy and tired knowing I can't sleep yet and would have to do Friday  all over again because I left Syd Fri morning and went back in time.

After a nice lunch and feeling completely full we decided to hit the road. Now let me tell you that San Francisco (they hate it being called San Fran apparently) has lots of peaks and low streets. We were basically at 45deg walking up the street from the Marina. To the Marina was fine but I was sweating it out on the way back. We also went into Lombard (Crooked) Street because we never did that last year. It was interesting. Lots of tourists there too.

        Walking up to the heart of Union Square. We rode the cable car again around to the Marina.

Another important note, wear comfortable shoes. I mean I had flat casual shoes on but there were a bit narrow and my feet were hurting from all the walking. We had popped into Ross for Less but I didn't feel like buying those $37 Skechers which would have made my day so I sufferred the consequences. I tried to have a nice day for the most part but there isn't much to do unless you want to jump on a rental bike or shop at Macy's.

We passed the Ghirardelli sign. Not sure if there's a choc store there. I'm sure there was but we weren't going to buy chocolate. So we finished our day with a quick shower at the Handlery (they let me use the pool shower even though it didn't warm up that much) and then back to the airport for two flights to NYC. Urghhh. By this time I was really over flying.

Do you have any memories of San Francisco? I'd love to hear about it.


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  2. I lived north of San Francisco, Sacramento from 1949 to 1956 and then 1965-. Lived south of San Francisco in Mtn View, Ca from 1952-1955 and then back to my home state South Dakota. Sorry to hear about all of your troubles getting to S.D> I am a retied high school educator, living in Denver, Colorado now. Liked your post. Blessd hoplidays!


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