Holidays and Health

Hello everyone! I decided to change my blog theme. I hope it looks okay. I hope you are all enjoying your school holidays. I am partly at work and also spending time with the kids. We're trying to be more active these holidays even though it's mid-Winter here and it's cold most mornings. We've had some warm days and try to make good use of the sunshine. Elijah is scootin' around but I don't have a problem with him. He is very active as most 6yr olds would be!

I took the kids to the local library and asked the lady if I could donate some books. She hesitated and gave me a look which confused me a little. I took out the books I had and she asked the darndest question "Have they got any holes in them?" I must have given her a strange look because she said "You'd be surprised."

Anyway, she took my books, which were in near new condition, by the way, and I scuttled down to the children's section. Not long after perusing books and magazines I found them altogether with my eldest reading to them. It was really, really cute. The cuteness did not last, of course, and they got bored. Elijah starting jumping all over those half circle things I think you're only meant to sit on. At least they kind of had fun. I took them upstairs to find some cook books but only came home with two. I think I'll need to revisit my own library of old folders with recipes and scanned cook books.

I'm still ballin' on Tuesday nights and Sunday afternoons. Mind you I am really feeling old. I am also feeling it in my knees and last night I jarred my ring finger. It's very fat and swollen right now. Hubby is not impressed, lol. Anyway, it's lots of fun and I am improving in my game. I am very happy about that. I also find the social interaction really comforting. The ladies are very supportive and we are always encouraging each other on the court. Some of them I've known and played with in my early twenties so it's good to know we are still playing. I like to think of us as 'legends' ha haa.

So I think I've mentioned my current addiction to the app Wish. You can get heaps of cool items that you obviously need for a fraction of retail price. I've bought fidget spinners, mobile phone cases, holders, shoes for my daughter and now I found these long 2XU compression tights for just $12! They arrived earlier than expected and I love them!!! Go download it now! You won't regret it!

We took the kids to Vivid in June. It's an annual winter festival and lights get projected onto buildings in the city in a bad to get people out. Boy, were there a lot of people out. It was okay. We had pancakes at the Rocks with my sisters and mum so that was a good trip out. Kids also enjoyed the train ride.

Of course each week we have our Sunday mass. We try and get the kids involved as it is a family mass. My son loves to get up on stage when the priest asks for any volunteers or to answer questions. It really helps the children to feel like church is not just an obligation. It should feel like another extension of family life. Like a place that they belong. It really helps my children mature in how they see things in life, especially when they can't understand why there is evil and violence in this world. We try to show them the good they can be a part of because in ten years time they will be a part of shaping this society.

Woah, that was intense. How about my prawn pasta dish! Yummy huh?

Anyway, I've got some holiday ideas coming up so keep posted and come back soon!


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