Butterfly Cushion

Yippeee. I finished my cushion.

It's left over butterfly material of a maternity top I made last year. I put in an invisible zip. Thanks to Colette's tutorial on invisible zips I managed to fit the zipper foot and it worked like magic! See... you can teach an old dog new tricks, hee hee.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog. It looks great. Also thanks for the link . I will do likewise....just sharing a little blog love!

    Glad you like the new online store. Lots and lots more to go on it soon.

  2. Thanks so much Colette. I am so humbled and really really excited to feature on your blog list. It's such a privilege. Your site was the first that got me inspired to sew! Can't wait to buy some fab fabric from your online store.


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