Japanese Sewing Book

I did it! I did it! My gosh I bought it! I bought a Japanese Sewing Book from yesasia.com. I've been dying to get some inspiration from patterns and finally after a night of scouring on-line stores and checking out other blogs I made my decision. My book should arrive some time early July and I just can't wait. I guess it will give me time to buy materials which isn't a bad thing. As soon as I saw her face I knew it was the book to buy. She reminds me of my little one.

Oh and thanks to Jade for suggestion I make this top from the fabric in the below post. She's so talented. Will do my best Jade. Oh so many projects to start... I'm tickled pink.


  1. Good luck, Kim! And I've got that craft book, already earmarked a pattern. Isn't it great?!


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