Ottobre Knit Pants

Meet Little Boys new knit pants (minus waist elastic cos I ran out). I made these a while ago when I was feeling up to sewing.

The pattern is from Ottobre and were really easy to make. This is size 80cms without any s.a.

They're the pattern with the one big pattern that you cut two fabric pieces. You sew the inner leg seams first then you place one inside the other, right sides facing each other and sew the crotch part from the top to the other end. That's my favourite type of shorts/pants pattern. My boxer shorts are the same sewing method. I get really confused when I have to sew up fronts and backs of pants.

Here is the first pair I made for him. It's a really cute giraffe, elephant and tiger knit from Spotlight.

The ribbed knit turned out a little loose. I think they were meant to be more fitting against the legs but they still work well. He looks really cute in them. Now to figure out if I need to make a matching knit top.

Just aside - I watched him while we were playing The Wiggles - Rock-A-Bye-Bear. I watched in amazement as he did the actions. He did the clapping, the bowing, the turn and the finger to the lips! It was surprising, glorious and I was filled with pride when I watched him do it again in front of hubby. My 14month old is growing up and I don't want to miss these things that I don't even know he does!!!

My sewing motivation is very lacking lately. I don't know if it's the hormones, tiredness, or having two toddlers. That being said, I have taken advantage of free shipping that Hancocks of Paducah had this weekend and there is a whole lot of fabric happiness being delivered to me in a few weeks. It should at least tied me over while I get use to these hormones which sometimes drive me a bit mental.

I hope you are all taking care of yourselves, giving yourselves some time to re-gather your energy and *smile* cos it's all good. Don't take your health for granted and eat good food XOX


  1. Very cute pants. I love the fabric.

    Lucky you with the fabric coming your way soon. I am still on a self-imposed fabric ban :(

  2. Those pants are so cute. I will have to try that pattern for my little man. Congrats on your pregnancy, such wonderful news. I can't wait to see your new fabric purchases :)

  3. Those are very cute pants, I think I need to make some for both my kids, as both have almost grown out of their current lot. Too bad I am scared of knit fabrics... I should buy some cheapo knit fabric for a practise! Thanks for the inspiration!


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