Um... can you tell?

Today is Playgroup day. It's when a local group of mothers/fathers/care givers take their children and meet up with others and we have a big play together. Ours is located in the library in the community room. My daughter use to cling to me but now she loves to participate and do her own activities. Our facilitator is fabulous. She organises activity tables and themes for each week.

It has given my daughter more confidence when interacting with other children. My son loves to walk around and say hello to other children. He's not shy and particularly likes the girls. I love seeing the delight on his face as he plays with the others. He's very cheeky and likes to go into the kitchen and store room.

This week's theme is Green Day. Little Miss doesn't have anything green and silly me decided as a last minute resort that I would sew up a tunic for her. It shouldn't take long, right? Especially if I cut some corners? Baaaaad idea.... especially for one pregnant brain.

See what I've done wrong...
Is it really obvious?

I started it at 9pm last night. She was falling asleep so I started tracing, cutting and I decided to use bias binding on the neckline. It was curvey so I had to snip the bias after turning it to the back. It actually turned out alright.

Have you picked out what I did wrong yet?

Here is a close-up of the neckline. The pattern says to use interfacing for the collar.
It was getting really late and mistakes were sure to be made.

It turned out that the kids were too sick to go today.
They both have runny noses and last night Little Miss had a slight cough.
I hate it when the kids are sick so I'd hate it if I got other kids sick too.

I will finish the tunic and perhaps the 'upside down' flowers may not be too obvious.. yeah?


  1. If you didn't mention it, I probably would not have noticed. The dress does look adorable even with the upside down flowers.

  2. Sorry, I noticed straight away!!! What a shame that it didn't get worn in the end, even with the upside down flowers it is pretty cute. Nice fabric too, whichever way you look at it!


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