Amy Butler Birdie Sling #2

Hurrah, I've finished the bag I keep talking about!
It's a special bag for a special sister who is always there when you need her.
While my littlest one quietly slept nearby in the afternoon and my other two were soooo bored they fell asleep watching t.v. I worked as quickly as I could to finish this.
At the start I was sewing with a baby in my lap!
The body of the bag is Michael Miller Paula Prass Summer Soiree Black Nosegay.
The band and handles is Moda Basic Grey #30168 and lining is Cherry Blossom by Chris Chun.
I can't remember what the pocket fabric is, will have to check the selvedge if you're interested.
Here is the bag all sewn up and pulled inside out. That was the fun part. Then squishing the lining back inside the bag was good too. As you can see I added a long pocket as a drink bottle holder cos she likes to go to the gym. I also inserted a zipper (not seen) on the larger pocket on the other side. AND I inserted a magnetic clasp just for good measure. You can see there's a button though as I had to cover up my first boo boo and I wanted the bands to match.

If you've ever attempted this bag and got a bit stuck on making the gussets I took a pic for you to see. It's the same method as making boxed corners but you just sew a curve instead of a straight line. In my last bag I made the curve much smaller as my pockets managed to get in the way but this time I stuck by the 4" length on either side of the triangle. It made the bottom much smaller but the bag is quite roomy.

So to wrap this baby up and tick that one off my Xmas list.
Only 6 days to go! What are you still doing here :P


  1. Sewing with a baby on your lap - that's what I call grim determination!

    The bag is gorgeous - what a lovely sister you are.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Wow...what a lovely colour combination. I am sure your sister will love it :)

  3. OOOHHH nice bag! She will love it!

  4. Nice job Kim! I too was impressed with sewing - baby on lap! I did a gusset tutorial for that bag ages ago as it was the first time i made it and I found Amy's diagram confusing!


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