Slowly but surely

This week I took joy in seeing the beauty of nature.
These are the tops off strawberries and they were so beautiful I had to take a snap shot.
I had some other capsicum top lovelies too but they are uploaded by nephews who have loaned my camera on another machine. Grrrrrrrrr.
Are you all busy making your Christmas presents?
I made a start on the Amy Butler Sling today. Don't know when it will get done but I will aim to have it done by mid next week???
Things have been crazy around here. I've seen three dr's about Little J as she has constant unsettled periods in the late afternoon/evening. It's driving us mad.
Everything seems so much worse when there is crying.
They all don't think it's reflux and the last dr just said "She's colicky"
That's it. Colic.
I've decided not to fight against the wills of God and just take each day as it comes.
I shall be a stronger person for it, yes?
She's on Infacol and I might try Infants Friend as many mothers have found it works well.
So for now bloggy peeps posting will be something that only happens when I get time.
I hope you are all getting the time you need and think about what you want to get out of this Christmas for Jesus is the reason for the season!
God Bless.


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