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Cooking for the Family

How happy was I when my mail came in this morning!
I had ordered these books online last week and couldn't wait til they arrived.
See, I've been wanting to get my hands on some really good recipes.
I just don't have the luxury of visiting the library without bringing the troup with me and having my son pull out every-single-book off the shelf just because,well , he could.
So using the trusty internet and some online searching I bought these two lovelies from Social Club Books.
I really enjoyed making the broccoli soup from Amanda Soule and she quoted the recipe from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. I have longed for this book but the price just held me back.
However, how could I not go past the $20 I spent to get this book. Yes, only $20.
What a bargain and this book is FILLED with recipes I tell you. It's so THICK.
I also decided to buy Five a Day which is written so that you can incorporate vegies and fruits in your family diet. So important these days. It is a spiral book so really easy to use and has tabbed sections for kids, desserts etc.
Since it is the season of Lent I have got hubby on board to not eat meat this whole Lent season.
NO MEAT. Sounds like a mean feat but so far it's turning out really well. I was so sick of eating meat every night and I've already lost 2kgs. 1kg of it must be water weight though. Hehe. I say this because I'm forever munching on chocolate, bread or something sugary to compensate.
Anyway, it must be good for the environment too, yes?
Sorry for no sewing items this post. I've got some precious material awaiting a shirt for Little Man so I think that is definately coming up.


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